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From your own cheese to Stobete, you can experience something here.

Everything you need is available at the cheese factory shop

In our shop, you will find the perfect gifts for your loved ones or your business partners. We are happy to put together different gift packs or you can choose your own products and the packaging. We look forward to your visit.


“Plättli” to order
We are happy to also fulfil the individual desires of our customers. This allows you to compose mouth-watering cheese platters with or without meat specialities. Whether it’s to go with an aperitif or a feast – a “plättli” is always the right choice.
Plättli” to order [PDF]

Gift packages
Giving gifts brings joy. We offer diverse specialities from Appenzellerland, which are nicely packaged and are suitable as gifts or presents. Discover the diversity of our gift packages.
Gift packages [PDF]

For the finest connoisseurs:
The Appenzeller Cheese Factory
At our factory you won’t just be able to wonder at the work going on inside, but you can also buy goods. The shop stocks all eight types of Appenzeller® cheese, with around 80 other types of cheeses and regional specialities to discover.
Appenzeller® cheese offers something for every taste – from mild to mature. The difference in taste is due to the storage period of the cheese. This is what causes the different characteristics of the unique aromas. They are: mild-spicy, strong-spicy, extra-spicy and classic-spicy. You can also find other Appenzeller® cheese products in the shop. For example, the Appenzeller® mild-spicy and strong-spicy cheeses, which are made according to BIO-SUISSE® standards, the Appenzeller ready fondue, the new Appenzeller Raclette or our own in-house fondue mix “Dibidäbi”. This cheese paradise is rounded off by around 80 types of cheese from all over Switzerland. We focus on region produce and have a lot of great things to offer: be it our home-made jams or syrups, our lovingly-made mustard specialities or our home-made salad sauces. A wide range of delicacies can be found in the shop.

Gift vouchers

Perfect gifts - fast & easy!

Surprise yourself with one of our great gift vouchers. In addition to the individually redeemable voucher, our wide range of vouchers also includes vouchers for tastings, lunches, a fondue chat, guided tours, a gift box and much more. The vouchers can be purchased directly in our online shop and printed out personalised.

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Our demonstration area

The Appenzeller demonstration dairy will take you on a very special voyage of discovery: from the handicraft of making cheese to the beautiful countryside of the Appenzellerland. You will notice that tradition and customs are still part of everyday life here. It is precisely this connection with their homeland that makes the people of Appenzeller so unique.
Who would have thought that the world-famous Appenzeller cheese originates from hilly, picturesque countryside. Its recipe remains top secret. Find out why Appenzeller cheese is the spiciest of them all. It has something to do with the air and the scent of the herbs. Make your own mixture of herbs, which you can then take home with you. Hear the typical natural sounds of the Appenzellerland. Marvel at the imposing cheese cellar, where up to 12,500 wheels of cheese are stored. You will be fascinated when you look into the cheese vats. Look into the distance of the Alpstein mountains with binoculars and experience a virtual 360 degree panorama. Come closer, feel the homeland, the enjoyment and the taste. Entry prices [PDF].


Single entry - Price per person:

Adults (as of 17 years) CHF 12.-
Pupils, apprentices, students, IV CHF 11.-
Children (from 6 to 16 years) CHF 7.-
Families (2 adults, max. 4 children) CHF 28.-

Group entry - Price per person:

Adults (from 10 to 29 persons) CHF 10.-
Adults (as of 30 persons) CHF 9.-
Students, IV as of 10 persons CHF 9.-
Incoming TO as of 10 persons CHF 9.-
School classes as of 10 persons CHF 6.-

Entry with guided tour - Price per person (advance booking required):

Small groups (up to 15 persons) flat rate CHF 150.-
Groups from 16 to 30 persons CHF 10.-
Groups from 31 to 50 persons CHF 9.-

Annual pass (with cheesebox and herbsbag):

Adults (as of 17 years) CHF 45.-
Pupils, apprentices, students, IV CHF 39.-
Families (2 adults, max. 4 children) CHF 120.-

Annual pass (without cheesebox and herbsbag):

Adults (as of 17 years) CHF 22.-
Pupils, apprentices, students, IV CHF 20.-
Families (2 adults, max. 4 children) CHF 60.-

cheese and chocolate / chocolate and cheese

Cheese makes you happy, chocolate as well. Enjoy two special taste experiences and benefit from a 15% discount!

Offer only on site bookable.


Come on an interactive journey through the chocolate factory, discover the secret of chocolate happiness and snack on a lot of chocolate. Discover the Appenzell cheese dairy with all its traditions, come closer to the mystery of the Appenzeller cheese and look over the cheesemaker's shoulders.
The Appenzell cheese dairy (Stein AR) and Maestrani's Chocolarium (Flawil SG) offer an exciting program for young and old, salty and sweet.

Maestrani's Chocolarium does not have to be visited on the same day, but the ticket has to be presented.

Adults CHF 18.00
Children 6-16 Jahre CHF 11.00
Family with 2- max. 4 children CHF 47.00

January and February, the Chocolarium will be closed on monday

Fun for the little ones

The large playground and and the new demonstrations area make the Appenzeller cheese factory an ideal destination for families.


In the demonstration area the children will found the "Chäsli Jakob" and they'll discover more about his adventure and the wonder of the mountains. The playground with swings and seesaw, trampoline, roundabout and the large cheese house with climbing wall and slide makes the cheese factory a diverse experience for the little ones.

Experience our Appenzeller culture and events

We provide the Appenzeller culture for all senses, because Appenzellerland is famous for its music and craftsmanship. You can find out what is happening in the near future

Schauchäsi Stobete always at Sunday the first

Jeden 1. Sonntag im Monat gibt es live Appenzeller Musik in der Appenzeller Schaukäserei von 11.00 bis 17.00 Uhr. Duo- und Trioformationen spielen Appenzeller Musik vom Feinsten. Natürlich darf das traditionelle Zäuerli nicht fehlen.


Every 1st Sunday of the month, there is live Appenzeller music in the Appenzeller cheese factory from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Duo and trios play Appenzeller music at its finest. Of course, you must not miss the traditional Zäuerli.

Our program:
on 06. October 2019 - Kapelle Alder
on 03. November 2019 - Streichmusik Edelweiss
on 01. December 2019 - Echo vom Säntis

Our young dulcimer virtuosos show their skills


The young dulcimer talents Joshua, Joe and Tobias show their skills on the following Wednesday afternoons between 2:00 and 4:00 pm:

  • on 18 September 2019: Joe

Pearly Path Stein (Free adventure trail around Stein for families)


Explanations only in German available.
The municipality of Stein has been known for many years as "the pearl in the Appenzellerland" and with its many beautiful corners, the village has absolutely deserved this addition.
To explore the village, the Pearl Trail was opened on 1 June and is an adventure for young and old.
The first hint to start the adventure is given at the reception of the Appenzell cheese dairy or in the Appenzell Folklore Museum.
The adventure trail is free of charge.
Once the trail has been completed, the solution word can be handed in at the show dairy and each participant receives a small present.
The trail can be completed at any time. Please note the opening hours of the Appenzell Cheese Dairy and the Appenzell Folklore Museum when receiving and handing in the documents.

Flyer Pearly Path Stein

Wasserlehrpfad Hundwil

Von der Aufbereitungsanlage Örtlismühle, entlang von Wiesen und durch Wälder, wandern Sie auf dem idyllischen «Siebebröggliweg» vorbei an den verschiedenen Stationen des Wasserlehrpfads. Verteilt auf einer Strecke von ca. 1.5 Kilometer gibt es an dreizehn Lehrpfadtafeln viele spannende Details zum Thema Wasser zu entdecken.​


Eine Grillstelle lädt zum Verweilen ein. Auf dem Wasserlehrpfad sind verschiedene Vogelarten zu sehen und zu hören und bewohnen die vielen verschiedenen Nistkästen.

Führungen für Gruppen und Schulklassen
Auf Voranmeldung werden Führungen für Gruppen und Schulklassen angeboten, sowohl am Wasserlehrpfad als auch in der Trinkwasseraufbereitungsanlage. Die Führungen dauern zwischen 60 und 90 Minuten.
Kosten und Reservationen entnehmen Sie bitte aus unserer Homepage.

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